Titicaca Lake and Machu Picchu
Temples of Power


  The Inka Quechua word "Huaca" means a special place used to unite a being to superior energies or spirits. Natural  caves and Inka  Temples are now the principal  Huacas where even today the Andean peoples gather to perform   ancestral ceremonies of thanksgiving and  union with the natural  elements, especially Pachamama - Mother   Earth, and the Main Apus - Sacred Spirit of the Mountains

.   These  ceremonies  are  always  directed  by a "curandero"  or Andean  priest  who has  been  specially  selected by the forces of nature to be the nexus between higher spirits and man.  This unusual mystical journey through the Temples  of Power will take us to these principal Huacas for unique encounters: to learn the true spiritual techniques of  ancient cultures led by true initiates of the hidden, natives who have dedicated their lives to conserve and share   this extraordinary knowledge.  Spiritual missionaries will find in this program the best way to share their most   profound desire to be  able to meditate alone and-or in perfect union with other seekers of peace, making a perfect harmony in some of the most  powerful energy centers of the world, such as  The Sacred Inka Lake of Titicaca and Machu Picchu, which give all who visit them an eternal light of wisdom.

Apu Machupicchu and Apu Waynapicchu
Program (14 Days – Traditional short Walks)

Day 1 Lima Peru
Arrival to Lima airport, assistance for flight to Juliaca, reception in the airport and transfer to the city of Puno

Day 2 Titicaca Lake
In our private boat we will travel around the Titicaca Lake, visiting Uros floating Island and the Takile Island, Overnight with local Native people in the Takile Island (CB)

Day 3 Titicaca Lake
Extraordinary sunrise views of the lake, then take our boat back to Puno, then by bus to Copacabana in Bolivia, overnight in a Hotel (CB)

Day 4 Titicaca Lake and Sun Island

Morning leave by boat again to the Island of the Sun, visiting Inka temples, then once we arrive to the port we will take a nice trail to walk up to our lodge, Overnight in a local Lodge (CB)

Day 5 Titicaca Lake and Moon Island
Sunrise ceremony with a native healer, who will do and special offering to the Sacred Water of the lake, as his wise ancestors the Inkas used to do, the place is extraordinary amazing with amazing views of the lake and the Cordillera real Mountain range. Afternoon by boat to the temple of the Moon, Overnight in a local Lodge (CB)

Sunrise at Sun Island in the Titicaca Lake

Day 6 Titicaca Lake and Moon Island

Second offering ceremony to the female energies of the lake, together with our local healers we will participate in an ancient ritual which will allow to a feel the immense energy of this Sacred Lake and this special Island . Return by boat to Copacabana, Overnight in a Hotel (CB)

Day 7 To Puno Peru
By bus back to Puno, where we will spend the night, visiting local market.

Day 8 To Cusco
By bus to Cusco, on the way we will appreciate a changing landscaping from the High Plateau to Andean valleys, arrive to Cusco in the afternoon, overnight in a Hotel (CB)

Day 9 Cusco and its Beautiful Surroundings
Morning tour around the main Inka ruins like the temple of Saqsayhuman constructed as the shape of the Puma Head, Kenko with carved caverns, Pucapucara, and Tambomachay, optional walk to the Temple of the Moon and then back to Cusco . Afternoon walking city tour around the city including the temple of the Sun and traditional local markets, Hotel (CB)

Day 10 Sacred Valley of the Inkas
Depart by bus to Pisaq an ancient solar center, then to visit its Indian typical town and market, afternoon exploration around the temple of Ollantaytambo, constructed with beautiful stones and dedicated to harmonize with the spirit of the Mountains "The Apus". Overnight in a lovely country Inn –Ollantaytambo (CB)

Sunrise Meditation in Machupicchu
Day 11 Machupicchu the City of the Eternal Light
By train to Machupicchu, the most important Inka Sanctuary. Full day of exploration, and harmonization in this peaceful place. Afternoon bus returning to Aguas Calientes where we will spend the night. Hotel (CB) (there are natural hot springs for a relaxing bath )

Day 12 Machupicchu and Huaynapicchu
Early bus to Machupicchu to be the first ones in this sacred site, sunrise ceremony, then optional hike to the temple of the moon and to Huayna Picchu, the Young Mountain, afternoon return to Aguas Calientes. Optional night ceremony in Machupicchu, under the protection of the Southern Cross, the Llama Eyes, and other stars. Hotel in Aguas Calientes (CB)

Day 13 Machupicchu-Cusco
Free day in Aguas Calientes, or for an optional last visit to Machupicchu, or to just walk around this charming town. Late in the afternoon return to Cusco by train, transfer to Hotel. Royal Inka (CB)

Day 14 Cusco Lima
Transfer to Cusco airport and flight to Lima for your international flight (CB)

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