The Healing Amazon River

Dear Friends
When you see for the first time the Amazon River and the exuberant jungle which paints magnificent colors in every
direction surrounding you, you can feel how a magical energy awakes many of your senses, ….which were just “ asleep”.

This intense Journey will take us to explore the biggest and most fabulous river of our Planet “The Amazon”, a place where diverse sensations of happiness, peace, mystery, and love are combined. In our exploration we will be in different sacred rivers, like the Marañon and the Ucayali among others. And as a fundamental and important complement we will be with Mystical Native Groups, and specially with Old Ancient Healers, who will share with us their long life secrets for doing healings and rituals, important and exclusive ceremonies which connects them to the Amazon Jungle and its spirits

This is really a unique adventure, a different way to learn from nature and the keepers of its secrets, The Jibaros, The Yaguas, The Boras, The Muruy, The Ocainas and many other native people will open the secrets of the Amazon jungle, a world full ceremonies, wild but sacred animals, and miraculous magical-medicinal plants. These native people have been hidden in the Amazon jungle for centuries, keeping the voices, teachings and healing techniques of their wise ancestors.
Black-Panter Sacred Animal of the Amazon

Let your body * spirit* and mind* feel free, feel wise, feel healthy

PROGRAM (14 Days with medium adventure with 9 days in natural lodges and camps-short walks)

Day 1 Arrive to Lima
Upon your arrival you will be meet in the airport of Lima, transfer to Miraflores and overnight - Hotel

Day 2 To Iquitos
Transfer to airport, and flight to Iquitos, Morning visit to Belen market where local people sells different kind of roots, herbs from the jungle and different varieties of fishes and even some live animals, later on visit to the artisans market where there are diverse products and handcrafts from the different native groups from the Amazon jungle Overnight in Hotel

Ritual Dance-Native Yagua People

Day 3 First Visit to Bora and Yagua Native People
Morning departure by boat to PadreCocha where there is a lodge run by the Native Bora People, that night we will have a nice long talk with the spiritual leader of the Boras, Overnight in the Bora Lodge.(Breakfast- Dinner)

Day 4 Iquitos Nanay River
Full day sharing with the: Yagua native people, dances- music- and then see their handicrafts, made out of natural material as well as different kind of feathers. Then we will visit the Bora Native People, who will share with us their ceremonial dances, songs and rituals, like the Anaconda Ceremony. Extraordinary visit to an open zoo with optional direct contact with different amazon animals like an Anaconda as well as other kind of snakes, turtles, Caymans, Toucan, Sloth and Parrots. Overnight in the Bora Lodge (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)

Day 5 Amazonas and Muruy Native People
Leave by boat, first through the Amazon River then we will meet the Napo River and we will go upriver until we reach the territory of the Jibaro Native People, share with them their knowledge way of living and dances, we will be walking into the pristine jungle to identify Medicinal plants,,.(Local Natural Lodge-Breakfast-Lunch Dinner)

Day 6 Amazonas and Napo Rivers
In our boat we will go down through the Napo River, and we will go through it until we reach the territory of the Muruy Native People, this native group will share with us their important healing techniques and the way how they learned from nature, ( Natural Lodge- Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)

Day 7 Amazonas and Yarapa Rivers
Full day trip in the Amazonas River, in the afternoon we will meet the Yarapa River, where we will have the oportunity to see the Pink Dolphins, besides of other kind of Amazonian fishes and birds. Short walk to our Native Retreat Center. (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)

Anaconda Ritual Native Bora People

Day 8 Tawayo River
Important day, we will meet one of the best Amzonian Apu or main leader of the Ashuade people, Each native group has a deep respect for the forest and so they will share with us their special connection with the spirit of each plant and tree which they call their Natural Doctors; Kumpashin and his Wife will share with us the secrets of nature which were hidden in the jungle for centuries and their fascinating life and healing techniques. Overnigh in our Native Retreat Center (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner)

Day 9 Tawayo River
Monring visit to Kumpashin's Medicinal Garden where he grows his healing plants, here, he will collect some of them, like the Chirisanango and the Ajosacha, which will be used to do an important night ceremony, afternoon free for meditation and to get ready for the night ceremony. Apu Kumpashin will lead a beautifull ceremony calling the spirits of the plants and sacred animals. Overnigh in the Ceremonial House (Breakfast-Lunch Dinner)

Day 10 Samiria – Tigre – Marañon – Ucayali – Purinahua - Pacaya Rivers
Today we will leave Kunpashin's community and will go by boat to the Natural Reserve of Pacaya, enjoying a magnificent and unique jungle in the world, we will pass through the most important rivers like Marañon and Ucayali ( it is really impressive to be in the Boca or place where they meet these two rivers and then become the Amazon River), Unique opportunity to see the Pink Dolphin as well as Pirañas and other wild animals. Overnight with local Native People (Breakfast-Lunch Dinner)

Day 11 Pacaya Natural Reserve
Full day to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Amazon jungle, this natural park unique in the world, an incredible diversity of wild animals and colorful birds, the sound of their singing and communication makes a unique melody which could be listened by hours, visit to near lakes and fish Pirañas and other kind of fishes, afternoon dedicated to cook our own fish, time to share how good are our qualities of international Chefs. Overnight in a Natural Lodge (all meals )

Day 12 Pacaya – -Amazon Rivers and to Iquitos
After a nice staying in this park we will take our boat and leave this Natural reserve and go back to Amazon River passing through the Pacaya-Purinahua-Ucayali Rivers, Arrive to Iquitos Overnight in a hotel in Iquitos (Breakfast-Lunch)

Day 13 Iquitos
Free day with optional relaxation morning in the exotic lake of Quistococha, afternoon Farewell Dinner, to re-count our journey in the most famous river of the world The Amazon. Overnight in a Hotel in Iquitos (CB)

Day 14 Iquitos- Lima
Transfer to Iquitos airport and flight to Lima, and then take your connecting international flight Or to take the optional extension trip to Cusco and Machupicchu


Departure 2007: Jun 06-19


Tour Estimate $ 1900 Per Participant Land Cost(not included Int.-Nat. flights)

* If you want to organize your own group-private departure let us know soon
* Special support available for travel agents


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