Apu Pachatusan - Machupicchu
Sacred Temples of the Andes

"A Journey to Where the Spirit of our Ancestors are Housed"

An exceptional spiritual journey. You will be stunned by the breathtaking beauty of the Andes while participating in the deep spiritual unity of the people of Peru. This journey will allow us have unusual teachings with the guidance old Q’ero Native Healers who live in the Sacred Andes; "The Apu Pachatusan Sacred Mountain" has an special energy which awakes our intention to participate in ancient rituals, meditations, and healings.

Sacred Apu Pachatusan

The journey starts in Cusco and its historic surroundings. Day trips to the Sacred Valley of the Incas will ease your adaptation to the altitude of this region. We will visit the ruins in the vicinity and participate in rituals to connect with the spirit of the land, accompanied by local musicians playing some of the most sacred and pure Incan music. We then venture to Apu Pachatusan where we camp while working with Q'ero Healers. "Apu" is the name given to the sacred mountains where spirits are housed and the name Pachatusan combines the words for 'earth' and 'the center for equilibrium'. We then continue our journey to Machu Picchu and explore the mystery of this historic site, including a night ritual in this sacred temple of Machupicchu under the protection of the stars like the Southern Cross and the Llama Eyes.
Camping in a Sacred site

This Journey of a lifetime brings together adventure, ecology, culture and spirit. You will enjoy these 15 days of exploration, with time to see the best archeological and natural areas of Cusco, shop the Indian markets, and get to know the true spiritual depth of her people. In this spiritual journey you will touch the sacred in yourself, while pilgrimaging in a sacred land called by the Andean Priests "the place where the spirit of our ancestors are housed".

PROGRAM (15 Days - Medium Adventure 5 days of camping - 3 days hiking)

Day 1 - Lima Peru
Arrive in Lima, transfer to Hotel in Miraflores

Day 2 - Cusco Sacred City of the Inkas
(Continental breakfast, CB) Transfer to Lima airport, flight to Cusco, reception and transfer to Hotel, free morning to acclimatize, afternoon introduction to Spiritual World of the Andes, then we will go to the Temple of the Moon for an Opening Ceremony with Q'ero Andean Healer.

Day 3 - Cusco and its Impressive Inka Ruins
(CB) Morning visit to the main Inka ruins of Cusco, including Saqsayhuaman, Kenko, Pucapucara and Tambomachay, with an optional time to hike down to the temple of the Moon, afternoon walking city tour around the ancient city of Cusco. Hotel in Cusco

Ancient Ritual on the top of Apu Pachatusan

Day 4 - Cusco and The Sacred Water Temple of Typon
(CB) Morning to rest, then leave in the afternoon to the Sacred Water Temple of Typon, first introduction and connection with the holy water coming from Apu Pachatusan (Camp, Lunch and Dinner)

Day 5 - Typon The Sacred Water Temple
Today we will dedicate to have an exclusive connection with our ancestors and spiritual guides through the most sacred music of the Andes…. a group of native musicians will play ancestral Inka and pre-Inka instruments... a perfect combination ...Typon the sacred temple of the Water… and this healing music… (camp all meals)

Day 6 - Typon The Sacred Water Temple
Typon is the biggest Water Temple in the Andes, it is the gate to Apu Pachatusan, before we begin our journey we will do a water cleansing ceremony which will help us to harmonize with the Temple and will prepare us for the next journey to Apu Pachatusan, (Camp all meals)

Day 7 - Apu Pachatusan Sacred Land
Our journey will begin early in the morning, hiking, or you can ride a horse too. This ancient sacred trail and the beautiful landscaping will allow us to clean our mind and spirit, in the afternoon we will camp close to the most sacred part of Apu Pachatusan (Trek/Horses, Camp- All meals)

Wiracocha's face
Day 8 - Apu Pachatusan and The PumaTemple
Today we will get to the top of Apu Pachatusan, there we will do a ceremony of union with our ancestors, as well as with all the Amaut’as or ancient teachers…a Q'ero High Priest will lead the Offering Ceremony in one of the most sacred places of the Andes, bring your personal offerings, (for the spirit of Apu Pachatusan and for the spirit of Mother Earth Pachamama - something small, natural, personal and burnable) then in the afternoon we will descend to the Temple of the Puma (Trek/Horses, Camp all Meals)

Day 9 - Apu Pachatusan And Typon Water Temple
Morning walk down to Typon Water Temple, last farewell ceremony with our trekking staff and porters, afternoon last ritual in the holy waters of Typon (Trek, Camp All Meals )

Day 10 - Sacred Valley of the Inkas
Leave by bus to the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, visiting first the Indian Market of Pisaq and then in the afternoon exploration of the unique Inka temple of Ollantaytambo and its tow made out of stones. Overnight in a Lovely Inn in Ollantaytambo (CB)

Day 11 - Machupicchu the Temple-the Perfect Harmony
Early train to Aguas Calientes then by bus to Machupicchu, where we will spend most of the day exploring this magnificent temple with free time to absorb the perfect harmony of this sanctuary, afternoon bus down to Aguas Calientes, Hotel in Aguas Calientes (CB)

Day 12 - Machupicchu and its Hidden Temples

Very early in the morning we will be again in Machupicchu, before most people get in, with enough time to meditate and participate in the last ceremony connecting with the energy of The Young and Old Mountain, then optional hike to Huayna Picchu the young mountain, guided tour and afternoon bus down to Aguas Calientes, Hotel in Aguas Calientes (CB)

Temple of the 3 windows-Machupicchu

Day 13 - Aguas Calientes – Return to Cusco
Day to relax in the natural hot springs of Aguas Calientes town, free time for shopping, and afternoon train back to Cusco, Hotel in Cusco (CB)

Day 14 - Cusco Ancient City
Full day free in Cusco, optional private healing sessions with Q'ero Healers, or for shopping Alpaca sweaters, and artisan work, Cusco is very famous for its artists, handicrafts and weavings, farewell dinner, Hotel in Cusco (CB)

Day 15 - Cusco Lima
(CB)Transfer to Cusco airport then flight to Lima, and then connecting flight out of Peru

DEPARTURES 2007 & 2008

***Womens Groups Only: Led By Camila Alfaro & Doña Maria

- First Special Departure July 01 to 15 - 2007

- Second Special Departure Sep 01 - 15 - 2007


***Regular Group Led: By Richard Aguayo & Don Ramon & Doña Maria

- First Departure Oct 01 - 15 - 2007


Price Per Participant $ 2,000 Lnad Services (Air Fare Not Included)

Do you want to organize your own group-private departure please let us know
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These Journeys Are Lead By:

Doña Isabela

Camila Alfaro

Don Ramon


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