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Don Alberto in Guacamayo Medicinal Garden

Puma Expeditions happily presents this unique journey to the land of the Incas and to the sacred city of Machupicchu and on to Pristine Amazon Jungle, a natural healing center of Shamans, in the lush rain-forest of the Peruvian Amazon. People in different cultures have largely lost touch with the natural cycles, energetic forces and deep wisdom available to us through harmonious living on the Earth. Through travel to and time in these wondrous and beautiful environments and through contact with the Spiritual Wisdom of the indigenous shamanic traditions, it becomes possible to awaken within ourselves the ancient memory of our relationship with the Earth. This journey will provide a life-changing opportunity to renew and reharmonize our bodies and our lives, being part of a unique encounter between the North and the south, the Eagle and the Condor. This pilgrimage will begin in the ancient city of Cusco with trips to and ceremonies in the sacred centers. After two full days at Machupicchu with opportunities for hiking and absorbing the energies.

While traveling over the timeless path of the Incas through the Andes we experience the changing landscapes of cloudforest and waterfall. Arriving at our destination, we will follow the river to a sacred lake, our home for several days with the most important Amazonian healers. At the Healing Lake, the healers generously shares their wisdom with us. They are guided by their deep love for and faith in the healing powers of Nature. We will return to our lives revitalized with a new found bounty of energy.
A Powerful Night in Machupicchu
Program (14 days Medium adventure with 6 days in natural lodge-camp short walks)

Day 1 Lima Peru
Arrive to Lima and transfer to a Hotel in Miraflores

Day 2 To Cusco Sacred City
Flight to Cusco, Afternoon short visit to the temple of the moon for an opening ceremony with the native Qero people who will share with us a simple but important way of connecting with the Apus-The Holy Spirit of the Mountains, then
tour around the main Inka ruins like the temple of Saqsayhuman constructed as the shape of the Puma Head, Kenko with carved caverns, Pucapucara, and Tambomachay, Hotel (CB)

Day 3 Sacred Valley of the Inkas
Depart by bus to Pisaq an ancient solar center, then to visit its Indian typical town and market, afternoon exploration around the temple of Ollantaytambo, constructed with beautiful stones and dedicated to harmonize with the spirit of the Mountains "The Apus". Overnight in a lovely Country Inn –Ollantaytambo (CB)

Day 4 Machupicchu the City of the Eternal Light
By train to Machupicchu, the most important Inka Sanctuary. Full day of exploration, and harmonization in this peaceful place. Afternoon bus returning to Aguas Calientes where we will spend the night. Hotel (CB) (there are natural hot springs for a relaxing bath )

Day 5 Machupicchu and Huaynapicchu
Early bus to Machupicchu to be the first ones in this sacred site, sunrise ceremony, guided tour and optional hike to Huayna Picchu-Young Mountain,
Late in the afternoon return to Cusco by train, transfer to Hotel. Royal Inka (CB)

Day 6 Cusco
Free day in Cusco, for personal activities and shopping, get ready for our next journey into the Amazon Jungle, Royal Inka Hotel (CB)


Day 7 To Puerto Maldonado and the Amazon Jungle
Transfer to airport for a 25 minutes flight to Puerto Maldonado, then a bus will take us to the port, where we will take a boat going downriver in the Madre de Dios River, we will travel deeply into the jungle. Afternoon arrive to the Guacamayo Lodge, a unique project dedicated to the reoforestation with medicinal plants, The medicinal and energetical garden were created by Don Alberto, a Native Healer from the Huachipeyry Amazon Nation. First night conversation and introduction to the natural world of the Amazon and all its main spirits and ancient maestros, the talk will be lead by Don Alberto (All Meals-)
The Healing Lake in the Amazon

Day 8 Amazon and Healing Lake
We will take a trail into the jungle, this natural place offer us the option to see diverse kind of birds, animals and medicinal plants, our guide will be a Huachipayri Healer who will share with us all the mystical power of the Amazon jungle as well as the most incredible myths and tales from the medicinal plants which are used for ceremonial intentions which provides a special natural wisdom. First Water Ceremony in the shores of the Lake, then later at night first ceremony with the Mother Plant (all meals

Day 9 Amazon and Pristine Jungle
We will take our boat and will do a tour around this beautiful lake, having an incredible day in the lake, which will allow us to have the second water ceremony in this fascinating lake. At night, second ceremony with the Medicinal Plants. Natural Lodge all meals

Spectacular Sunrise in the Amazon

Day 10 Amazon Jungle and its Animals
We will take another trail which will lead us to a place where we will be marveled by diverse kind of parrots, all in different bright colors, besides of other birds, Wind Ceremony , at night last ceremony with the wild tobacco and other medicinal plants. Overnight in the natural lodge Lodge All Meals

Day 11 Amazon Jungle-
Full day of Ceremonies and connection with different medicinal plants Earth Ceremony and Mother Plant (CB/ Lunch)


Day 12 Amazon Jungle – Guacamayo Lodge
Full day of Ceremonies and connection with different medicinal plants, Fire Ceremony and Mother Plant (CB/ Lunch)

Day 13 Back to Puerto Maldonado

Leave by boat back to Puerto Maldonado, Hotel (CB/ Lunch)

Day 14 Puerto Maldonado – Lima

Full day of Ceremonies and connection with different medicinal plannts, Fire Ceremony and Mother Plant (CB/ Lunch)

Departures for 2006 and 2007 :


Jul 16-29 ; Ago 01-14 ; Oct 16-29 ; Nov 03-16 ; Dec 01-14


Please contact us to sing up (not included Int.-Nat. flights)

* If you want to organize your own group- private departure, let us know soon
* Special support available for travel agents
Parrot in the Amazon Forest


Jhon of God and Don Alberto


John of God and Richard Aguayo

Don Alberto in the Guacamayo Lodge

John of God and Richard Aguayo

An itense journey to enjoy and feel two great Healers whose wisdom and gifts will take you to connect to divine energies and teachings
.... Don Alberto an Amazon Native Healer will take us to his medicinal garden in the Eco-Amazon Guacamayo Lodge, located in a sacred area in the pristine amazon jungle of Peru, where wild animals like Parrots, Guacamayos, Otters, Sloths, Turtles, Tucans and Caymans among others, are part of this natural world, his profound love for nature incites him to direct extraordinary ceremonies of comunion with the Fire, Wind, Water, and Motther Earth.

Then, we will travel to Brazil to visit Joao De Deus, or affectionately called Jhon of God ( The Miracle Man of Brazil and his Healing Center The casa de Dom Inacio,) a world-renowned and most powerful spiritual mediums living today, has devoted his life to mediumship. Through him, spirit guides minister to the multitudes who come in search of a cure. The Casa is a holy site where healing can takes place on many levels. João incorporates over 30 spirit guides who were surgeons, physicians, theologians, therapists and notable figures in their lifetimes. They can scan your energy field, see what you need and recommend a variety of methods and procedures for you to begin your healing process. João says "I do not heal anyone. It is God that heals. He, with his infinite kindness, allows the entities that assist me to bring healing and comfort to my fellow man. I am only an instrument in His divine hands."


Departures for 2007:

Mar 03-17 / Apr 07-21 / May 05-19 / Jun 02-16 / Jul 14-28 / Ago 04-18 / Set 01-15 /
Oct 20-Nov 03

Lead by: Richard Aguayo
(Spanish - English - Portuguese)

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